American preeminence depends on regular access to EO !

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Our only hope for Preeminence in space is Commercial Space Shuttle!

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A bold vision –use shuttle beyond 2020

NASA shuttle privatization report—rejected own conclusion
NASA Shuttle Privatization Report
In response to the 107th Congress’s request to investigate privatizing the space shuttle program (SSP), NASA issued the following:

Ronald D. Dittemore September 28, 2001
Manager, Space Shuttle Program
It is believed that utilization of the Space Shuttle for human access to space will continue through at least 2015 and possibly beyond 2020. The longevity and operational aspects of this program demand a different approach to operational management for the future. A different management strategy needs to be employed.
Privatization of the SSP has the potential to provide significant benefits to the Government. However, timing is critical. The continuing erosion of NASA skills and experience threatens the safety of the program. It is critical to take advantage of the existing NASA SSP expertise before further erosion affects the ability to plan and safely implement privatization. Today, the skill and knowledge legacy still remain to formulate the appropriate merger of the NASA SSP and private industry.

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Gross waste–Allen nailed it!

Myth vs. Reality
Sunday, April 13, 2014 Myth vs. Reality –Space dollars to Russia!!! 4. Cost of Shuttle Based System is Far Less Than the Constellation System or the Proposed Obama System This claim results from simple arithmetic. At a shuttle cost per mission of 500 million for the round trip transport of 6 astronauts, the per man cost of shuttle transport is 80 million. The system to be developed in the Constellation program or the Obama plan would duplicate the Russian Soyuz system. The Russians are to be paid 50 million per astronaut per trip. When the huge cost to develop a new U S system is added in, the resulting per seat cost would greatly exceed that of the existing shuttle system. Considering the cargo superiority of the shuttle makes the shuttle system even more cost effective, and it is in place now, no interruption, no space dollars spent overseas. Origin and Impetus for the Redirection Six years ago the Bush Administration unilaterally redirected the manned space program to (1) terminate the shuttle system and (2) to recreate the Apollo system, consisting of large boosters and a capsule and parachute crew transport system. If you accept the SAT positions why did NASA opt for the redirection and for and sustain the disassembly of a 200 billion dollar Space Shuttle System? One can only speculate but one reason for the redirection could have been a nostalgic desire within the NASA leadership and the Bush Administration to remake the Apollo experience. A second and perhaps more compelling reason could been a desire within NASA leadership to reclaim the prestige associated with creating a new massive heavy lift vehicle similar to the Apollo Saturn V. . The Obama Administration has basically endorsed the redirection by supporting creation of a new heavy lift vehicle, the return to a capsule and parachute system and allowing the termination of the more advanced shuttle system to continue. Pressure has apparently been put on pro shuttle astronauts to stifle it. Again one can only speculate as to the reason. Certainly any desire within NASA for new heavy lift vehicle would be ongoing.The fact that two presidents have sided with the heavy lift segment of NASA shows the power of this group. On the president’s side it one could add – lack of vision, political pressure, and the effects of the anti shuttle propaganda. It makes one wonder if the SAT information reached him. Anti Shuttle Propaganda Part of the shuttle termination initiative has been a deceptive ongoing anti shuttle propaganda campaign by a cadre of ” Space Experts”and the then NASA Administrator. The PBS Columbia Documentary is the most extensive example. In it the shuttles are labeled as “worn out, old technology, too risky, too costly, a mistake and not capable of supporting solar system exploration” none of which is true.The initiative has been very effective and after six years the anti shuttle rhetoric has become a media myth. Myth versus Reality Even with the approaching termination of the Public’s 200 billion dollar shuttle system the nation still has a choice. Considering the facts above it is clear the reality is the shuttle based system for space exploration is the correct choice both technically and financially. . The press could make the difference. SAT has approached numerous media publications with our message and they have chosen to continue to support the myth. These include PBS, the NY Times ,Flight International, the Orange County Register, NASA News and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It is my hope that you will read the pro shuttle information noted and will arrange for me to meet with you and your editor for a one hour question and answer session. It is your choice as to time place and agenda. It is vital to the nation that someone of your stature in the press investigates and acts on this information. I have an impressive list of engineer sources (Bob Thompson and three former Chief Engineers for a start) ready to answer any question you might have, people you would be honored, as I am, to associate with and people who are true space experts. By Interviewing these guys you would become the most space shuttle knowledgeable reporter on the planet. Without media support to get our message out the shuttle legacy will probably be similar to that of the Titanic and the Hindenberg, manned space travel will regress fifty years, the Public’s money invested in the Space Shuttle System will have been wasted, and America’s leadership in space will be forfeited. Allen Richardson SAT Spokesman  Sent from my iPad

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Shuttle summary

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Why do we keep paying the Russians???
Subject: DESTRUCTION of AMERICA ‘S SPACE CAPABILITIES —WHY did NASA say no to X37 ? NEED Select Congressional Committee to Investigate!!!

WHY ???  Did NASA say no to making x37 a crewed vehicle?????
And those in Congress specializing in space are well aware that, had getting independent access to ISS for our nation really been Job #1 for NASA’s leadership, then the Administration would have approved Boeing’s proposal for the X-37B follow-on, the 5 crew X-37C. We are talking about a dependable spacecraft that can sit in orbit for over a year and NASA said no to making it a crewed vehicle. Why?  Jim Hillhouse of American Space

Gross Misuse of Nation’s Resources Shuttle & x37b
Termination of shuttle is a gross misuse of the Nation’s resources. We must get the attention of Congress to get either the shuttle or an equivalent vehicle flying as soon as possible. To accomplish this we must educate the average person to the unique capabilities of this system. To this end we must get the benefits of this concept in the minds of the average American so they will demand the restart of this system/equivalent. Amazingly, we have a near equivalent, the x37b but the idiots we have in DC did not even consider the Boeing proposal–the x37b is operational—-google x37 & read the details!!!!!! Boeing proposal ( x37c)—link below. The x37b is an amazing vehicle also!
The media has not done a story on what could be accomplished with the x37 system operated by DOD. The fact we are paying the russians 72 m per ride on soyuz is totally NUTS. To get this changed we need bloggers to get out the word so we can get a large number of people to contact the media constantly and demand that we use the vehicles we have & stop wasting money !!To get this done we need programing in every state on radio/tv bring out the benefits of the program. This will require each of you to constantly contact your local stations encouraging /demanding programs supporting this approach. It is up to you, we are Americans and can make this

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Education Resources

Would you be open to sharing our Request a Resource page with your education visitors ( Maybe on this page: And by the way… thank you for the resources there… we added some to our collection, including the NASA link (we love that site!).

I’m passing along some resources below that are in the same fun, educational vein as your NASA resource. Please add them too if you think they’d be a good fit for educators:

Math Activities for Kids

89 Financial Literacy Lesson Plans and Teaching Tools for K-12

Crunch the Numbers: Do More Math, Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids

Car Physics and Newton’s Laws of Motion’s-laws-of-motion

Wildlife and Nature Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators

Forest Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids

Kids Know It Network

Logistics Career Exploration Guide for Kids and Students

Astronomy for Kids

K-8 Space Education Resources

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Security of USA !

With the way the world is today, American security is critical, yet it is being eroded by our leadership, look at border, military.   In order to have security , you must have appropriate weapons systems, however , this government is damaging our design, manufacturing, test & operational capabilities of many of our systems.   Damage occurring by not maintaing certain capabilities  as in shuttle with loss of talented workforce.  Re general Shelton words on Russian rocket we use & retirement of shuttle.   Big lag time in getting many new systems operational.  This is not limited to space systems.!
Some day more spacecraft ( in orbit) ,  airplanes & buildings in the USA will be under attack due to lack of security resulting from inadequate systems / poor leadership & as a result infiltration of enemies into the USA.

Hannity correct, our leaders are not giving this sufficient attention!

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Fwd: It’s time for Congress to fight for our soldiers

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Senator Jim Inhofe <>
Date: July 26, 2014 9:33:54 AM CDT
To: <>
Subject: It’s time for Congress to fight for our soldiers

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July 26, 2014
The Inhofe Informant - James M. Inhofe - U.S. Senator   - Oklahoma

Dear Friends,

We ask a lot of our military men and women. When they volunteer and take an oath to serve our nation in uniform, they understand it will likely mean extended periods away from their loved ones, often in far-off lands and often at great risk to their lives. 

What they shouldn’t expect, however, is that while they’re courageously serving in harm’s way they might receive a pink slip informing them that their services will no longer be needed and that they won’t have a job when they return home. Tragically, that’s exactly what happened to approximately 1,100 Army captains this month.

It was clear to me early on that preserving the readiness and war-fighting capabilities of our military would not be a priority of President Obama. This reality, coupled with the devastating impacts of defense sequestration, is wreaking havoc on the military and forcing our men and women in uniform to shoulder the burden.

In 2011, I warned that defense sequestration would lead to the hollowing out of our military and civilian furloughs, and program reductions would soon turn into our active-duty military receiving pink slips and the canceling of critical weapons programs. We are seeing this happen now with the forced separation of talented military leaders and with soldiers losing their jobs while serving on the front lines.

If defense sequestration continues, it is only going to get worse. Our Army could reach a level of 420,000 soldiers — a size not seen since before World War II. Put simply, more soldiers will receive pink slips in the months and years ahead. It’s devastating for morale and even worse for our national security and Congress must do something about it. 

The Army has told me that they are committed to helping those who face forced retirement or discharge. Officers with less than 18 years of active service will be given 9 months to transition and are eligible for full separation pay as well as transition assistance counseling. However, many of us believe that more can and should be done.

As Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I supported numerous provisions in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act that will assist our soldiers being forced out of the military with access to higher education opportunities, ongoing transition counseling, and tools for job placement. We urgently need to bring up the NDAA before the full Senate so that we can debate these issues, go to conference with the House, and pass this vital bill for our military for the 53rd consecutive year. The men and women serving on the front lines and those who received notice of their forced separation continue to do their jobs and, rightfully, expect us in the Senate to do ours.

My heart goes out to these men and women risking their lives and making great sacrifices, yet are now being told they are being separated from the Army and will have no job when they return home to their families. By bringing up the NDAA as soon as possible, we will have an opportunity to provide the support these brave Americans and their families need during this difficult time.

These soldiers made a commitment to support the defense of the United States and we have a commitment to support them while in uniform and as they transition to civilian life. I urge my colleagues to push for the NDAA to come to the Senate floor so that we can fulfill this solemn commitment.

Thank you for taking an interest in what I am doing to best represent you in Washington.


Jim Inhofe

Sen. Inhofe will appear on MiddleGround on Oklahoma City’s KOKH Fox 25 at 8:30AM CST Sunday morning to talk about our men and women in uniform receiving pink slips.




It’s time for Congress to fight for our soldiers


Sen. Jim Inhofe Slams Obama Over ‘Alarming’ Move to Cut Army by 1,100


Inhofe: Reid Obstruction Endangering U.S. Troops


Inhofe Joins Daily Rundown to Discuss President Obama’s DACA Policy


Inhofe: Obama invited border kids


Inhofe Backs Legislation to Block Funding for DACA, Amnesty


Oklahoma Delegation urges Obama Administration to reconsider use of Ft. Sill to house Unaccompanied Alien Children


Inhofe Praises Release of Sudanese Christian and Her Family


Inhofe: EPA Admits It Currently Can’t Fully Enforce Its CO2 Rule

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe announces deal to save program for rural fire departments

Office Locations
Washington, DC Office:
205 Russell Senate Office Building | Washington, DC 20510 -3603
Main: (202) 224-4721 | Fax: (202) 228-0380
Tulsa, OK Office:
1924 S. Utica Avenue
Suite 530
Tulsa, OK 74104 -6511
Main: (918) 748-5111
Fax: (918) 748-5119
Oklahoma City, OK Office:
1900 NW Expressway
Suite 1210
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Main: (405) 608-4381
Fax: (405) 608-4120
McAlester, OK Office:
215 E Choctaw Ave
Suite 106
McAlester, OK 74501
Main: (918) 426-0933
Fax: (918) 426-0935
Enid, OK Office:
302 N Independence
Suite 104
Enid, OK 73701
Main: (580) 234-5105
Fax: (580) 234-5094

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Open border bad for country!

Look at the impact of open border

1. More diseases, crime, burden on facilities & resultant costs

Crime—results in more bombing of buildings, downing of aircraft— country will be much more unsafe! Health care will deteriorate due to over loading system!

2. More voter fraud—-this is very significant to balance of power ( between libs/conservative)

3. No end in flow planned——USA as we know it will cease to exist

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